From the first meeting I immediately felt as though I was in a safe place.  My counselor helped me understand how my emotions are linked with my body.  I have become more aware of the signs my body gives me and what to do with them.  I have learned so much from our sessions. BK


"Counselling has been a major source of support to our blended family for the last couple of years. The frank style of discussion and getting to heart of the matter quickly has allowed us as parents and life partners to take our power back.  We are indebted to you."  IL

"I am being guided on my path to self discovery and it is giving me the tools to manage life on my own"    DB

"Counselling has been a tremendous support for our teen the past year.  Having someone easy to talk to, caring and thoughtful and someone who balances listening and support with challenging unhelpful thoughts and beliefs has been a huge asset." KB